Departments and Cards

A Department is a group of Brink's cards with a Department Lead assigned by an Admin or Business Owner. This makes it easier to categorize all cards and delegate more control to employees who can help with day-to-day management of expenses.

Admins and Business Owners can assign an employee (must have an Employee Card) as Department Lead who can manage (or only view) the cards and transactions under their Department. At any time, new or existing cards can be added to any Department or left unassigned.

Full-access admins and business owners still retain full control over all aspects of the account, including departments. Department leads with full-access also have authority to add cards to their department.

For example, if you want your marketing manager to be responsible for all Brink's cards used for marketing spend, simply create a marketing department and designate her as a full-access department lead. Now, upon logging in, she will be able to control all the marketing-related Brink's cards you've added to this department, as well as manage transactions and add or remove any card. At any time, you can change her access from “full” to “view only”, so that she’s able to use the cards and generate reports but not edit any controls.


Creating Departments:

To create a new Department, click on the icon in the upper right hand side of your account for the dropdown menu. Click Department Settings:



Once on the Department settings page, type the name of the Department first, and then press the Create button:




Assigning Cards to Departments: 

When you create a new Card in the Manage Cards section, there will be an option to select which Department this Card is assigned to, or you can create a new Department (see image below).

Please note: For any existing Card, you can still edit which Department it belongs to. The option will be available when you edit a Card.



Assigning Department Lead:

Assigning a Department Lead is optional but recommended since it's what makes this feature useful and delegates control to more of the staff and control their access. In the card's settings, under Optional card controls, toggle the Department Lead button to ON. Select whether the Department Lead will have Full Access to adjust all card spending controls or View Only access.

Please note: There can only be one Department Lead for each Department. Only employees with Employee Cards can become Department Leads.


Managing Transactions by Departments:

Business owners and admins with permission access are able to filter and export their transactions by Departments by navigating to the Transactions page and toggling the Filter options on the right hand side of the screen: 


Business Owners and Admins with permission access are able to filter cards by Departments on the Manage Cards page:


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