Departments and Cards

Business owners and admins with permission access are able to create Departments to group specific cards. For example, a business may have a marketing department using several cards, or a school may want to group their teachers' cards by curriculum. This Departments feature allows you manage cards in a more organized way.

Creating Departments:

To create a new Department, click on the icon in the upper right hand side of your account for the dropdown menu. Click Department Settings:



Once on the Department settings page, type the name of the Department first, and then press the Create button:




Assigning Cards to Departments: 

When you create a new Card in the Manage Cards section, there will be an option to select which Department this Card is assigned to, or you can create a new Department (see image below).

Please note: For any existing Card, you can still edit which Department it belongs to. The option will be available when you edit a Card.


Managing Transactions by Departments:

Business owners and admins with permission access are able to filter and export their transactions by Departments by navigating to the Transactions page and toggling the Filter options on the right hand side of the screen:




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