Red Sync Button - Contact Brink's Business Expense Support

If your Sync button is currently red, this could be due to multiple reasons because a change was manually made to your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts. Please see below:

1. Did you alter the title of or delete the “Brinks Business Expense Uncategorized Expense?”  

If yes, please login to your QuickBooks Online account. From the dashboard menu, click Accounting to view your Chart of Accounts. In the search bar, type in the name of the newly altered Uncategorized Expense. Please make sure that you include any inactive/deleted accounts by clicking on the Gear icon and checking the Include inactive box.



After locating the newly altered or deleted Brinks Business Expense Uncategorized Expense account, please edit it so that the title exactly reads: Brinks Business Expense Uncategorized Expense. In order to edit the name of the account, click on the dropdown arrow next to View Register and then Edit.



Once the title of the Uncategorized expense account is corrected to Brinks Business Expense Uncategorized Expense, this should solve any Red Button syncing issues related to this topic. Our system will check if the chart of account issue is fixed within 24 hours and change the button from red to green.


2. Did you change your Brinks Business Expense Uncategorized Expense account type to a liability or a Credit Card?

If Yes, Brinks Business Expense Uncategorized Expense is a prepaid expense therefore it would not be a liability or a credit card.


3. Did you delete “Brinks Business Expense Checking?”

If yes, please click the Gear icon, and then Include Inactive. This should populate search results for any inactive accounts which will be marked as (deleted) in the title. Click Edit and uncheck the inactive box. Please click the Save button as to not lose this important edit.


*If you deleted your Brinks Business Expense Checking because you wanted to use your own Checking account, please let us know and we can set that up for you. 

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