Brink's Business Expense Mobile App - Business Owner FAQ

Q: How do I invite employees to use the Brink's Business Expense Mobile App?

 A: You will need to invite employees via the web app (accessed through a web browser). Login to the admin dashboard of our desktop application via a web browser at Go to “Manage Cards” and add an email address for the employee to grant mobile app access. An email invite link will be generated and sent to the employee.

 Q: What can business owners do with the Brink's Business Expense Mobile App?

 A: Business owners can see all transactions in real-time, view the total account balance, and edit card controls from the mobile app. With our new Summer 2020 updates, they can also create physical and virtual cards, and use a fully comprehensive cards list view with search and filter functions to have better visibility over all cards. Through the new interactive dashboard, business owners and administrators can keep track of business spending based on categorized purchases for current or previous months. Business owners also have access to all the same capabilities that employees have, such as tagging transactions, adding notes and uploading receipts for transactions using your smartphone camera.  

 Q: How do I use Tags?

 A: Tags can help you get organized. Select the transaction you would like to tag. Then simply select a tag. Tags must be created by the business owner or an admin in the Brink's Business Expense online account, and cannot be created in the mobile app at this time. When viewing “Transactions” in the web app, you can search for and filter on any existing tag.

 Q: How do I use Notes?

 A: On the “Transaction” screen, select the transaction where you would like to annotate a note, this will expand the transaction pane.  Then select “Notes” to write a note.

 Q: What can employees do with the Brink's Business Expense Mobile App?

A: Employees can see their available balance and real-time transaction activity stream. Employees can also capture receipts using their smartphone’s camera, tag transactions and add custom notes. They also have visibility into their card controls, but do not have the option to edit these controls.

 Q: How do I grant access to someone to view a utility card's available spend?

 A: Business owners and admins are not able to grant mobile app access to employees with utility cards as all utility cards. Only employee cards have mobile app access which is why am email address is required to be used a username. 

 Q: I found a bug, I want to make a feature request, or I want to provide feedback on the Brink's Business Expense Mobile App.  What should I do?

 A: Your input on how we can make the Brink's Business Expense Mobile App better is invaluable and greatly appreciated.  For any of these items, please email:

 Q: I am a business owner and I am having issues with my account.

 A: Please contact our Support team at support@brinksbusiness.comor call us at 844-753-7586 (Mon-Fri, 5 AM - 6 PM PST).

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